Parted Magic 2016_04_26

Parted Magic Is a Linux boot disc that can run from either a CD/DVD disc or a USB Flash Drive. Once you boot with Parted Magic, there are a variety of tools available such as File Manager (similar to that of Windows explorer), Partition Editor that allows you to create, resize, delete, move or copy partitions, data rescue which allows the recovery of files and folders and a lot more. There's simply too many tools to mention. Although Parted Magic Is based on Linux, It can also be used to boot Into the Windows platform and perform tasks by mounting the Windows HDD and working from there.

As mentioned, even though Parted Magic Is a Linux boot disc, It can also be used on the Windows platform to perform tasks such as resetting the local user account password, editing the registry, performing hard disk tasks by mounting partitions and the list goes on. Even If you have "Secure Boot" enabled on your Windows PC, Parted Magic will still boot In successfully. Although I haven't personally tested It, It's said to also be compatible on an Intel Mac OS.

This Is the latest version at the time of this article. It comes In a bootable ISO Image file that you can either burn to disc, or create a bootable USB Flash Drive.

Here's some key features of Parted Magic:

 Disk Health – Parted Magic disk health feature is powered by GSmart Control that will help you determine your hard drive’s health. It gives you the needed information about your hard drive’s status.

Parted Magic File Manager – This is where you can browse your devices, hard disk, flash drive and other portable storage devices. Copying and pasting files from and to any devices can also be done through Parted magic file manager just like windows explorer.

Partition Editor – Parted Magic Partition Editor, works like your Windows disk management. You can create, delete, resize, move, copy and paste a new or old partition.

Disk Erase – Parted magic’s Disk erase is helpful if you want to securely erase all your files from your disk. It’s better than windows format. Executing this feature will reduce your data recovery to 1%. So, only do this if you already backed-up all your files.

Disk Cloning –Parted magic cloning utility is powered by another GPL software, Clonezilla. It is capable of cloning or restoring a disk or partition using an image. On the other hand, it will also work on device to device basis or disk to disk and partition by partition cloning.

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