Windows 7 Repair Disc x64

If your Windows 7 OS fails to boot or you're experiencing difficulties pertaining to startup Issues, you can use a Windows 7 Repair Disc to boot Into the operating system and perform a diagnosis thereafter. In other words, a Windows 7 Repair Disc allows you boot Into the operating system and use tools such as the System Restore, the Startup Repair option and even the Command Prompt, thus allowing access to the Windows registry, Diskpart, navigate directories and a lot more. In the event of operating system failure, every Windows 7 user should have a Windows 7 Repair Disc at their disposal.

A Windows 7 Repair Disc, allows you to access the recovery options which contains diagnostics and repair utilities native to the Windows 7 operating system Itself. If you're having Issues booting Into your OS or It simply fails to start normally, you can boot Into It using the Windows 7 Repair Disc and diagnose problems thereafter.

Although you can easily create a Windows 7 Repair Disc within Windows Itself by entering "recdisc" (no quotes) In the Run menu and follow the prompts, It only allows you to burn It to a CD or DVD media. I've converted the result Into a bootable ISO Image file, thus It's not dedicated to CD or DVD disc. You can use the ISO file wherever you like, Inclusive of creating a bootable USB Flash Drive- which Windows won't allow you to do via It's native options.

Bear In mind, a Windows 7 Repair Disc Is NOT the same as a "Recovery Disc". The latter (Recovery Disc) such as one that's shipped with an OEM Installation, allows you to format your PC by performing a clean Installation of Windows. A Windows 7 Repair Disc cannot do this. It's main purpose (as mentioned) Is to diagnose and repair operating system Issues by booting Into OSes that fail to start.

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