Windows 8.1 DaRT 8.1 x86

Those who are running the 32 bit architecture of Windows 8.1 and also Windows Server 2012 R2, can use this version of DaRT to boot Into their PC and help diagnose problematic Issues thereafter. You can also change any local user account password with Incredible ease, by using the "Locksmith" utility and resetting It to a password of your choice. This comes In a bootable ISO Image file, so you can burn It to CD/DVD disc or alternatively, create a bootable USB Flash Drive. In short, DaRT allows you to boot Into a corrupt or non-functional operating system and perform tasks on the OS afterwards.

If your operating system (for whatever reason It may be) fails to start, you can use the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset known as "DaRT" to boot Into the OS and repair It thereafter. DaRT Is used as a "boot" recovery and diagnostics tool, that contains a heap of tools to help Identify and repair OS Issues.

As with most contributions of DaRT on this website, make sure you use the correct version suited to your operating system, that's also based on It's architecture being either 32 or 64 bit. As mentioned, you can burn this to CD/DVD disc or create a bootable USB Flash Drive. If you're not sure how to create a bootable USB Flash drive, I have written a tutorial here.

Here's some features of DaRT:

Determine the cause of a system crash.
Recover Windows 8 boot volumes.
Restore the master boot record.
Restore deleted files
Uninstall hot fixes.
Remove root kits.
Reset the Windows 8 administrator's password.
Review the event logs.

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