ERD Commander 2005

ERD Commander 2005 comes with a collection of powerful utilities you can use with confidence to repair failed systems. ERD Commander 2005 Is suited to the Windows XP operating system, so those who are still running XP, will certainly find this of benefit. It comes In a bootable ISO file, so you can burn It to CD/DVD disc or Install It on a USB Flash Drive. You can boot from ERD Commander 2005 and perform tasks such as edit the registry, access the Windows event viewer, reset the local administrator or any local user account password, and also access networking tools that allow you to securely share files on the network. You can also map network drives within the ERD Commander environment.

As mentioned, once you create a bootable Disc or USB Flash Drive, place the ERD Commander 2005 boot CD in an accessible drive, bypass the existing or inoperative operating system by booting from the CD, and the utility will create a miniature Windows XP environment.

Though limited in scope, the interface enables troubleshooting a variety of Windows operating systems, including Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 4 or later required), Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Once running, ERD Commander 2005 presents a Windows XP-like interface providing access to numerous troubleshooting tools in a graphical environment, including the following tools:

Administrative Tools – Autoruns, Disk Management, Event Log, Reg Edit, Service and Driver Manager and System Information. 

Networking Tools – File Sharing, Map Network Drive and TCP/IP Config. 

System Tools – Crash Analyzer, Disk Commander, Disk Wipe, File Restore, Hotfix Uninstall, Locksmith, System Compare, System File Repair and System Restore. 

Menu Tools – Console, Explorer, Internet Browser (Mozilla Firefox version 1.0), Notepad, Search, Solution Wizard, Help and Run (command line).

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