Windows 7 DaRT 6.5 x86

This version of Windows 7 DaRT 6.5, Is suited to the 32 bit (x86) architecture of Windows 7. As with the 64 bit release, this pretty much contains the same diagnostics and recovery tools that allow users to boot Into their PC, and utilize a variety of tools on the operating system on which DaRT Is booted Into. Windows 7 DaRT Is used by many IT professionals to boot Into corrupted operating systems and recover data, analyze and repair Issues, edit the Windows registry, repair volumes, the MBR and partitions, securely delete data and more. It's highly recommended to have a copy of DaRT on hand.

Although this Is stated with the title of "Windows 7 DaRT", It's also compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2 and will perform and function In the exact same way for both versions of Windows. Bear In mind, this Is for the 32 bit architecture.

Here's a few features that Windows 7 DaRT entails:

Computer Management:

This is the usual selection of Windows administrative tools to begin your troubleshooting, for example, check the event logs and the device drivers.


In this situation Defender is available if you need to check for rootkit viruses.

File Restore and Search:

DaRT include Windows Explorer so that you can search for files needed for the recovery.  With this tool you can also restore files that were deleted it also works on volumes that were encrypted by

Registry Editor: 

Good old Regedit is here incase you need to edit import keys or edit values.

SFC Scan:

The System File Repair Wizard is available for identifying, and hopefully, repairing system files that are preventing the operating system from starting.

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