As you can tell by my domain name, this website Is all about the technological aspects of PCs suited predominantly to the Windows platform. Unlike other websites, I do not provide any personal service whereby a fee Is charged to fix a given problem at hand. Instead, I provide "you" with the service In the form of software programs and toolsets via a no nonsense approach, so you can address whatever Issue(s) you may be experiencing at the time.

This website Is solely the work of one person, being myself alone. I have no office, no middleman and no assistance whatsoever. I'm here to provide you with what I call a "click and go" website, whereby you simply click what you're after and go directly to It's associated source.

I'm not about making money by preying on the Innocent, In fact, I really couldn't care less about money-making techniques. That's why you will NOT come across any monetizing methodologies on this site. I've been In the computational sector for a very long time and certainly know what It feels like when people are at the mercy of these so-called "tech heads", who realize you need your PC fixed, hence charge a somewhat ridiculous rate to get your system up and running. That's pure BS, It's not what this site Is based on and I'm simply not Interested In acts of that nature. That's why you'll find that everything here at www.thepc.tech Is free of charge.

This website does not have any ads, popups, URL redirections, survey downloads- absolutely nothing of the sort. I cannot handle websites of that nature, It's simply annoying and frustrating, thus I keep myself and this site away from referencing such content. My download links are direct, totally free and without any form of Intervention that's setup from my end. My aim Is to provide you with an experience based on a "what you see Is what you get" scenario with no surprises along the way.

I'm always open to suggestions, so If you see something that you believe needs Improving or you think that the service I'm providing Is to the contrary to what's been mentioned here, please use the Contact Form and I'll endeavor to reply and attend to your query or suggestion at my very earliest convenience.

I trust your experience here at www.thepc.tech Is a good one, and look forward to serving your needs as required.