Our Files

Our Files:

The term "our", refers to files that are provided for download here at www.thepc.tech. All files, logos, trademarks and any other works relative to each entity, are the property of their respective owners. This website Is not affiliated with, endorsed, maintained or sponsored with such owners of the aforementioned details.

No Installers:

There are no Installers nor any survey or link re-directions, thus you will experience a direct download without any further Intervention. I am not about making money via surveys, URL shortener services, ads and other trash which In turn may have a negative Impact on your overall navigation around the site. What you see Is what you get- direct downloads without the BS as per their description link with no surprises.

No Freeware:

I do not Include anything that's available as a "Freeware" download, or any other variant relative to the term "freeware". Sure, there are a lot of free tools and programs that are similar to what Is available here, but this website Is all about providing you with free downloads that otherwise require payment (or a subscription service) from their original vendor. All files here at www.thepc.tech are fully functional, fully licensed and without any user restrictions.

Checksum Hash:

Each and every file contributed here at thepc.tech, has been provided with a checksum hash, to verify that the contents of the given file has not been tampered with. The checksum can then be compared with the original vendor (where warranted), thus verifying It's Integrity. When comparing the hash, just make sure It's viewed against the same "hash function".

No Modifications:

As per the checksum hash, this website, www.thepc.tech, has not altered or tampered with any files that are available for download directly from this site. Whilst I take the utmost care to ensure that all files are provided In It's original form, I cannot guarantee the works of third-party sources of where the files originated at the time.

Personally Tested:

I have personally tested each and every file that's available for download on this site. As a result, you can be rest assured that a given file will work as per It's compatibility description. Unlike some other websites, If It doesn't work for me, I will not Include It as a download. It's as simple as that.

File Testing:

If you're concerned with any files you've download from this website, www.thepc.tech (not that there's any reason to be) or simply wish to test It's overall functionality, I strongly recommend using a "Virtual Machine". This will ensure that the file(s) will run In It's own Isolated environment, hence have no Impact on the host/main physical PC.


Should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the above documentation, please use the Contact Form and the moment my PCs and the net decide to leave me alone (hopefully), I shall endeavor to reply at my earliest convenience.